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Who We Are

We started our operations under Relaxo Brand more than 4 decades back and were officially incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. In 1984. Our ethos has called for providing quality footwear at best prices which is resonated in the fact of Relaxo being a household name today and a market leader in India.

Where are we now

From a single product in 1976, Relaxo has more than 10000 SKUs under different global brands catering to the needs of the entire family in around 50 countries around the globe. We have dedicated products as per the tastes and preferences of the market we are serving.With a manufacturing capacity of 0.75 Million pairs daily and having registered a revenue of USD 350 Million in FY21 we clocked a growth of CAGR 20% in the last 5 year period.


Other Brands

Flite is a popular range of fashionable and semi- formal slippers with a specially designed sole providing arch support.

Sparx reflects the attitude, style, dynamism and spirit of young India and offers sports shoes, sandals & slippers.

Bahamas is an avant-garde range of cool flip-flops developed to provide a style statement to the youth.

Bahamas flip flops – providing Comfort to the aussie feet

Bahamas cheerful, chirpy & peppy range of flip-flops provides a style statement for everyone. From the house of Relaxo Footwears Ltd. every aspect of these trendy slippers flawlessly echoes the serenity, vibrancy and fun of Bahamas.From a relaxed day at home with your family to a fun day out at the beach or a quick coffee run with your mates, there is something for every mood and every occasion – Bahamas Flip flops – providing colour and comfort to the aussie feet.

About pentagon

Pentagon International is a wholesale retailing company that was established in 2019. Located in seven hills NSW we expertise in proving high quality products to telecom and convenience stores all around Australia. Our product catalogue ranges from electronic accessories, phone holders and fragrances for your vehicles to eyewear and toys.
We have recently acquired the rights to Bahamas Flipflops for the entire country, an avant-grande range of vibrant flip flops Under Relaxo footwear with the sole aim of providing comfort to all aussie feet.

An Easy Grab and Go

One thing that makes our flip flops so popular is their convenience. They can be worn in seconds, making them a go-to option whenever you need to head out in a rush. You don’t have to worry about tying laces or finding matching socks; just pick them up and slip them under your feet.
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Experience real comfort

Comfortable design and comfortable material make our flip flops the comfiest footwear. They don’t let you worry about your toes or feet getting cramped. Give your feet more freedom and allow them to breathe by wearing Bahamas flip flops.
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Endless styles and designs

Choose from the widest range of options and take home the ones you like the most. Our flip flops come in many styles and designs to fit any need. You can easily find a pair to use out on a picnic, to go out shopping, or to attend a special occasion.
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Of course, they are versatile

The fancy flip flops are not restricted to just sunny beach days. You can wear them on many occasions to give your entire look the ultimate touch. As these flip flops are available in many styles, you can always find a pair that matches your every mood.
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